Premiere Concrete Admixtures are specified by top developers for many infrastructure projects.

Our 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility houses state-of-the-art laboratories that allow us to quickly advance our research, development and product production. Trust in our experience, technologies and support for all of your concrete needs.

Premiere Concrete Admixtures

NitroCast® water reducing accelerating admixtures are ready to use aqueous solutions of non chloride and other calcium chloride proprietary accelerators which provide the benefits of improved finishability, set acceleration and high early strength gain.

NitroCast® 701

NitroCast® HE

NitroCast® NC

NitroCast® K

OptiFlo® Plus

ConAir® air entrainment products introduce millions of uniformly sized and spaced air voids throughout the concrete mixture. Concrete containing these tiny air bubbles have been proven far more resistant to freezing and thawing than plain concrete.


ConAir® 260

ConAir® TX

ConAir® VR

ConAir® X

UltraFlo® water reducers are normal setting multi-range water-reducing admixtures for concrete. They are designed to facilitate the placing and finishing of concrete that is highly flowable and workable for extended periods of time with normal setting characteristics.

UltraFlo® 2000

UltraFlo® 5600

UltraFlo® DP

OptiFlo® MR

OptiFlo® 700

EcoFlo® Green

OptiFlo® low range water reducers are a multi-component admixtures which are carefully formulated to enhance the quality and performance characteristics of   plastic and hardened concrete.

OptiFlo® 50

OptiFlo® 500

OptiFlo® Plus

OptiFlo® MR

OptiFlo® N2A

OptiFlo® 700

EcoFlo® Green

UltraFlo® 2000

UltraFlo® 5600

OptiFlo® mid range water reducers are multi-component water-reducing chemical admixtures, which are carefully formulated to enhance the quality and performance characteristics of plastic and hardened concrete.

OptiFlo® 700

OptiFlo® MR

OptiFlo® Plus

OptiFlo® N2A

EcoFlo® Green

UltraFlo® 2000

UltraFlo® 5600

AccuCast® line of products consist of chemical admixtures especially tailored to enhance the strength, finish and durability of dry cast Pipe Block & Mortar.

AccuCast® 77

AccuCast® BR

AccuCast® DC-25

AccuCast® WP-49

OptiFlo® retarders and hydration stabilizers have been carefully designed to provide uniform control of cement hydration, heat evolution, concrete plasticity and concrete set time.

OptiFlo® 100R

OptiFlo® 500

ProLong® L (Hydration Stabilizer)


Premiere offers a wide range of specialty products from Corrosion & ASR inhibitors to silica fume & water proofing admixtures. This category also includes anti washout & viscosity modifying products.

Impede® CNI

Impede® IntraSeal

Impede® LN





UltraFinish 1L

UltraFinish A1


ProFiber® fibers are engineered to provide integral secondary reinforcement for concrete.

ProFiber® 100

ProFiber® F

ProFiber® Max

ProFiber® MFP

ProFiber® Multi-Length MFP

ProFiber® N

ProFiber® S

Premiere Concrete Solutions

Flo and Flo-L products produce flowable fill, also called controlled low strength material (CLSM), controlled density fill (CDF), or low strength mortar (LSM).




Premiere offers a line of Auxiliary products that include evaporation retardants to control the loss of moisture from the concrete’s surface on days with low humidity and high winds.




Surface Retarder™


Truck Wash and Guard

Concrete Remover

Luster, the world’s finest cure & seal designed specifically for optimizing the aesthetic beauty of colored stamped concrete.






Impede® Repel




CS25 WB™

D.O.T. Cure™