Premiere dispensing units are the product of 40 years of design and production experience. Production plants such as dry batch, central mix, precast, block, and paving all have specific requirements. A trained technician will take the time to investigate your particular needs and design a system specific to your operation.

Premiere offers a special training school to educate plant personnel to be able to troubleshoot and identify solutions when equipment isn’t working as it should.  This program is very successful because owners realize that regardless of how quickly Premiere’s dispenser technicians can get to the plant, it will never be as fast as their own people getting the bottles back online. So, it is in the best interest to our customers – and ourselves – to work together to make sure that plant productivity stays high and downtime is minimized.

We provide a seminar every other year that is extensive training of setting up, using, maintaining and troubleshooting the dispenser equipment. Your staff gets to know our staff on a more personal level, which makes it easier to work together when a breakdown occurs. Many times before we can even arrive at your plant, our technicians can troubleshoot with those individuals that attend the school and correct the issue before we even arrive. It’s all in the interest of productivity. It’s just one way Premiere differentiates ourselves in assisting our customers.