Luster X is an elite, super high gloss, non-yellowing, curing and sealing compound. Luster X’s premium performance is obtained through an advanced state-of-the-art formulation. Luster X creates the highest gloss and durability, and because it totally resists discoloration to ultraviolet light, it will never yellow.

Luster X creates a chemically bonded siliconized acrylic film over the concrete, which enriches the color and enhances the look of decorative or pigmented concrete. Luster X’s unique formula makes it extremely resistant to abrasion and it retains its original appearance 2 to 3 times longer than many standard concrete sealers.

Although Luster X was formulated for the decorative and pigmented market, it can be used with other concrete applications.

Luster X eliminates concrete dusting, while protecting concrete against salt and water penetration. Luster X will retard efflorescence while resisting oil, grease, and food stains.