Premiere X is the first cure and seal of its kind. Its unique two part, pure acrylic copolymer formulation allows Premiere X to provide optimum conditions for curing.

Premiere X provides a tough acrylic film which keeps valuable water within the concrete, allowing the hydration process to reach its maximum potential. Secondly, Premiere X penetrates and chemically reacts deep within the concrete’s pores to provide a protective layer that will keep moisture from penetrating the matrix, while at the same time allowing it to breathe.

Premiere X is revolutionary because in the past, concrete owners had to wait for the curing compound to wear off or manually remove it prior to the application of a penetrating sealer. Often the cures would wear away unevenly, causing the owner to go without protection for a period of time. With Premiere X, the penetrating layer automatically takes over when the curing layer dissipates, ensuring a complete protection system against intrusion of water and salts. Premiere X provides up to 5 times the length of protection compared to standard cure and seals.

Must be used on broom or open finishes ONLY! Applying on closed or trowled surfaces will result in a blotchy and uneven appearance. Additionally, product may take days to dry and cure.