EcoFlo® – GREEN is the first multi-range water reducer specifically designed to improve the performance of binary and ternary concrete mixes. In addition the proprietary formulation is designed to give higher water reduction with lower dosages when used with fly ash and GGBFS substitutions of 20% – 70%. EcoFlo® – GREEN‘s dosage in these types of binary and ternary mixes can be reduced by up to 20% for the same water reduction that EcoFlo® – GREEN achieves in straight cement mixes. The use of EcoFlo® – GREEN greatly increases the producer’s ability to qualify for leed points by maximizing pozzolanic substitution.

EcoFlo® – GREEN is a state of the art chemically engineered normal setting water reducer that ranges from low range to high performance Self Consolidating Concrete.

EcoFlo® – GREEN is the first multi-range water reducer that is friendly to both the Ready Mix and Precast producers, increasing workability, finishability and strength gaining characteristics.

EcoFlo®– GREEN meets ASTM type A and type F water reduction specifications.


EcoFlo® Green