Fort Wayne, IN to Toledo, OH

The cost of the project from the Indiana State line to US 424 phases II and III is over 163 million dollars. There is over 80,000 cubic yards of ready mix concrete to be supplied for bridges, abutments, piers, wing & barrier walls, etc.  Bill Maize, Vice President of Sales, assisted Baker-Shindler Ready Mix of Defiance Ohio with mix & economic considerations in pursuit of the project. The mixes specified by ODOT were QCQA mixes; QCQ1 and QCQ2. The Producer decided to use one mix that met the QCQ2 specification thus meeting the required specifications of QCQ1. By using one mix the preliminary testing was minimized.

The mix used a blend of Type 1 Portland Cement, Fly Ash, and GGBFS cement, along with blended limestone aggregates and natural sand. The water cement ratio is .40. The  project is the first to utilize color in the stone textured piers; the color was decided by the public.

Premiere Concrete Admixtures used:

OptiFlo® 500
OptiFlo® MR
UltraFlo® 4600
NitroCast® K

“Premiere Concrete Admixtures has been extremely helpful to us with their technical assistance. Bill Maize helped us obtain the US 24 project and assists in the quality control of pours that require meeting difficult challenges. Premiere has a complete line of products that meet all our needs; they’re a great company to work with, we’re lucky to have them in our industry.”
– Drew Shindler, Baker-Shindler Ready Mix