Reclaim-it™ is a ready-to-use liquid solution manufactured to treat returned concrete to reclaim for future use as fill. Reclaim-it™ is introduced to the returned concrete in the drum, and reacts to produce a product that can be easily crushed and processed into a usable fill. Reclaim-it™ provides concrete producers with an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution to addressing returned concrete. For ease of use, Reclaim-it™ dosage is standard across mix designs. 

Reclaim-it™ Advantages

• Provides a cost-effective method for producers to reclaim returned concrete for a productive use.
• Eliminates the need to crush old concrete or dispose of old concrete in landfills, saving time and money.
• Can save space at your plant with consistent piles of reclaimed material.
• Reduces expensive disposal costs associated with returned concrete. 

Reclaim-it™ Product Data Sheet

Reclaim-it™ Safety Data Sheet