UltraFinish™ 1L is a non-chloride, non-corrosive integral performance enhancing admixture designed for use with concrete containing Type 1L Portland Limestone Cement.

UltraFinish™ 1L improves the plastic and hardened properties of ready-mix concrete. UltraFinish™ 1L allows contractors to place and finish concrete at designed w/c ratios with ease. No jobsite water addition is needed to enhance concrete workability. Finishers can maintain control of surfaces, even in adverse weather conditions such as high wind and rapid evaporation, eliminating the need for topical finishing aids including water. UltraFinish™ 1L helps achieve denser, more durable, and longer lasting concrete surfaces.

The Benefits of UltraFinish 1L:

  • Improve finishability and workability
  • Significantly reduce the potential of plastic shrinkage cracking, curling, and crazing
  • Surface densification and permeability reduction
  • Retention of surface moisture­
  • Maintain finishing control in high wind, low humidity, and direct sunlight applications
  • Allows for placement of lower w/c ratio concrete for enhanced surface durability
  • Added benefits when used co-actively with Impede® IntraSeal integral water repellent