Holiday City, OH

Menard’s Distribution Center

The Menard’s Distribution Center in Holliday City, Ohio is an example of a cooperative effort between Premiere Concrete Admixtures staff, Contractors, and Producers. In 2005, talks began in Williams County, Ohio about the possibility of Menard’s building the three state distribution center. Premiere Concrete Admixtures employees tracked the jobs progress and notified producing customers and contractors of the potential opportunity and continued to follow the project through the bidding process. Premiere customer John Carlo was awarded the 85,000 cubic yard paving portion of the project. Kent Concrete was awarded concrete construction for the 945,000 square feet of building area. Shafer Ready Mix, another Premiere customer, was awarded the concrete for the buildings.

Phase 1 of the project was completed in 2007. Premiere supplied both the Paving and Ready mix portion of the project. Products utilized were:

ConAir® 260
OptiFlo® 500
OptiFlo® 100R
OptiFlo® Plus

“Premiere Concrete Admixtures has always been on the leading edge of product quality and service. Over the years, their personnel has helped us tackle the most technical concrete applications. Their service is what sets them apart. Their professionalism in dealing with the designers, owners, and contractors is unique. They have the ability to bridge the gap between concept and practice, which ensures the best result possible.”
– Doug Shafer, Shafer Ready Mix.


“In 2007, John Carlo, Inc. of Michigan made the switch to Premiere Concrete Admixtures. The switch was made partly due to Premiere’s product variety and commitment to adjust to our changing needs. John Carlo, Inc. has learned first hand that the industry’s new approach to concrete mixture compatibility has made admixture flexibility a very important component concrete production. In recent years, we have seen air entrainment dosage rates with some low slump mixes double, and even triple, and Premiere has been able to keep our dosage rates manageable with respect to quality, cost, and productivity. Real time AVA testing shown a quality air system in our slip-form paving mixes and the independent operator of Michigan’s AVA commented Premiere’s ConAir 260 posted some of the best numbers he had seen in three years of testing. John Carlo, Inc. is convinced that Premiere is positioned to be one of the leaders in this ever-changing industry.”
– Jason Fowler, Quality Control Manager, John Carlo Paving